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Manevu Tournament
Name Meaning Tournament of Skill/Learning
Debut Book 2: Nasturtium
Basic Info
Location Onaleric, Esphea Continent
Race of Founders/Members Harbingers, Demons
Purpose A tournament that takes place once every 10 years in Onaleric for "entertainment" as well as to help "sharpen one's skills"
Influence Many gather to enter the tournament as a way of getting their name known, and just as many gather to watch the battles between others play out.
Status Active

The Manevu Tournament is a infamous tournament held in Onaleric. Many gather to enter or watch the battles.


The tournament was founded exactly 4,999 years prior to the start of the story, and has had 499 tournaments held; 500 at the end of book 2.

Location and Appearance

It is located on the Esphea continent in Onaleric and is held in a huge underground Colosseum. It's battle arena is approximately 600 yards in length and 300 yards in width, providing the participants to have more than enough area for their destructive powers. Along both of the elongated sides of the arena are where the audience members reside and a strong force field runs around the very sides, preventing any harm to the audience from deadly stray attacks. On the other remaining ends of the arena is where the entrance and score board for each team are located.

Entering and Method of Battling

The Tournament has a policy that requires you to enter with a team of three members; none may enter going solo, however all battles are fought one-on-one as a way for each person to be able to sharpen their own skills and not rely on their teammates if needed.

Tournament Rules and Procedures

The tournament isn't lawless, and does have some shred of humanity.


  • Battles are to be fought one-on-one.
  • Each participant can only fight once, even if they win.
  • One cannot kill their opponent. However, the rule doesn't state how far one can go to incapacitate their opponent, and so some go a little too far. The penalty for killing your opponent is a loss for both teams, unable to move forward in the tournament.
  • No substitutions.
  • If a match is not concluded within the time limit (20 minutes), both participants lose.
  • You're not allowed to communicate with opposing teams or watch their matches.
  • The teams can only spend their time training in their own room given to them in the Colosseum, or resting.
  • A match is declared a Win if the opponent cannot get up within 15 seconds or is unconscious.
  • The participant's turn in a team is determined at random; they are not allowed to decide who steps up to fight a certain member on the opposing team.
  • You are not allowed to use any outside weapons, only ones that are provided by the committee.


  • Upon signing-up your team is tested by fighting one other team that has recently signed-up. If your team wins then you're in. There is a limit of 10 entrees, since there are 5 team battles in total. Basically, it is all process of elimination and "first come, first serve."
  • When the participants in a match are decided they can choose the kind of arena that is best suited for their abilities. Both participants will recommend an arena choice, but only one will be decided to be the outcome at random (like the idea of a coin-toss, but not the actual case here). This may give one of the participants an advantage and the other a disadvantage.
  • You choose your weapon at the start of each round.


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Namilli Crowle's Team

Namilli Crowle
Avan Wynvell
Carmen Chamberlain

Elroy Damian's Team

Elroy Damian

Malve Drious' Team

Malve Drious

Isolda Lovell's Team

Isolda Lovell


After the events of book one, the 500th anniversary is near and Namilli and co. have plans to attend for the sake of acquiring a certain object offered as a prize for the grand 500th tournament.


  • Manevu is derived from the Latin word minerva. The Latin root "men" means mind. Also, Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, magic, medicine, arts, commerce, and defense. The Romans compared her to the Greek goddess, Athena; goddess of wisdom and warfare. The Manevu Tournament is an event where one can train one's mind and abilities through battle, referencing the Roman goddess and a small link to how the Romans equated her with Athena.
  • The Tournament's symbol is an owl with outstretched wings with a starry, night sky background. This is a reference to the "Owl of Minerva."
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